Quantum Materials Symposium 2023


Poster Session

No NAME Affiliation Presentation Title
P1 Seungil Baek KAIST Nanoscale thermoelectric generator using defect-induced Seebeck domain
P2 Jaeuk Bahng Sungkyunkwan university Thermoelectric Properties of Tellurene
P3 Jin Mo Bok POSTECH Impurity effect on thermal property of spin-triplet superconductor UTe2
P4 Beopgil Cho DGIST Physical properties of Hexagonal T2Sn (T= Fe, Co, Ni) single crystal
P5 Jaeun Eom KIST Voltage Control of Magnetic Anisotropy in van der Waals Ferromagnetic/Ferroelectric Heterostructures
P6 Sang-Hoon Han Hanyang University Chiral Solitons in the extended SuSchrieffer-Heeger model : Symmetry properties and Fractionalization
P7 JAE MIN HONG Yonsei university Evolution of anisotropic magnetic properties through helix-to-fan transition in a helical antiferromagnet EuCo2As2
P8 Ki Won Jeong Yonsei university Large anomalous Hall effect and anisotropic magnetoresistance in intrinsic nanoscale spin-valve-type structure of an antiferromagnet
P9 Seung-Gyo Jeong POSTECH Topological edge states in weakly and strongly coupled double-chain system
P10 Moonyoung Jung Sungkyunkwan university Simplified transient measurement of the negative capacitance phenomena in ferroelectrics at a sub-microsecond time scale
P11 Taek Sun Jung Yonsei University Emergent excitation continuum in the quantum spin liquid candidate TbInO3
P12 Myungjun Kang Hanyang University Superconductivity via Higher-Order Topological Insulator
P13 Mi Jin Jin Institute for Basic Science Weak anti-localization (WAL)/weak localization (WL) crossover in inkjet-printed Ti3C2Tx MXene thin-film
P14 Donghoon Kim KAIST Entanglement Shell Structure of Multichannel Kondo Cloud
P15 Dongwook - Kim Hanyang university Optical study of kagome metals RV6Sn6 (R = Y, Sc)
P16 Giheon Kim Sungkyunkwan University Nonlinear Hall Effect in Tellurene
P17 Hee Seung Kim KAIST Variational Monte Carlo Study of J1-Jd-Jχ Model on the Kagome Lattice
P18 Hyeongseop Kim Ajou University Flat band construction scheme characterized by quantum distance
P19 Hyoung Kug Kim POSTECH Thickness-dependent structural instability in IrTe2 with strong interlayer coupling
P20 Jae Ha Kim Yonsei University Quantum excitations in multiferroic van der Waals antiferromagnet NiI2
P21 Jaegyu Kim KAIST Dynamic Mechanical Writing of Polar Bubbles
P22 Jihoon KIM Seoul National University Exploring Negative Hund Metals with Dynamical Mean-Field Theory plus Numerical Renormalization Group
P23 Jihun Kim KAIST Ferroelectric and conduction properties on phase boundary of Ca-substituted super-tetragonal BiFeO3
P24 Jin Ho Kim UNIST Thermal Transport Property of S = 1 Chain NiTe2O5
P25 Jonghyeon Kim Yonsei University Terahertz response of ferromagnetic van der Waals insulator CrI3
P26 Junghyun Kim Seoul National University Rapid suppression of coherence in quantum many-body magnetic exciton in van der Waals antiferromagnet NiPS3
P27 Kwangsu Kim University of Ulsan / KIST Real-time voltage distribution simulation for two-dimensional materials
P28 Minjeong Kim Sungkyunkwan university Electrical and thermal transport of TaSe3 quasi-1D material
P29 Minsoo Kim KAIST Pseudogap Kondo Cloud Entanglement from Impurity Operator Universality
P30 Soyun Kim DGIST High-temperature layer-coherent mode and even denominator fractional quantum Hall effect in twisted double bilayer graphene
P31 Hoon Kim POSTECH A possible magnetic hidden-order phase in Nd2Ir2O7
P32 YongJun Kwon KAIST Topological polar structures in Bi2WO6 thin films
P33 DUC DUY LE KAIST Lateral tunneling devices based on cracks structures in epitaxial oxide films
P34 Il Young Lee Seoul National University Morphotropic Phase Transition Derived from Strain on Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 thin film by TiN electrode
P35 Ji Eun Lee Yonsei University Terahertz Electrodynamics of Nb thin films in a perpendicular magnetic field
P36 Joon Woo Lee UNIST Multiferroicity of 2H-BaMnO3 Single Crystal
P37 Taehee Lee Sungkyunkwan university Synthesis and study on the magnetic, electronic and thermal properties of single crystal YbCr6Ge6
P38 Youjin Lee Seoul National University Magnetic properties of vdW antiferromagnet FePS3 studied by X-PEEM
P39 Jin Young Maeng Chungnam National University Investigation of differential resistance in perovskite oxides heterostructure LaAlO3/SrTiO3 memristor by controlling oxygen vacancy
P40 Hyungwon Nam Hanyang University Density wave-like behavior in optical response of 9R BaRuO3 thin film
P41 Thanh-Huong Thi Nguyen DGIST In-Plane Anisotropy of Magnetic Damping in Cr/Fe Bilayer
P42 Woo-suk Noh MPK The introduction of the 6A MPK MeXiM beamline at PLS-II
P43 Chang-geun Oh The University of Tokyo Bulk-Interface Correspondence from Quantum Distance in Flat Band Systems
P44 Gyounghoon Oh Sungkyunkwan University Resistance control of Ge2Sb2Te5 in phase-change memory by the trailing edge modulation of program pulses
P45 Yoon Seok Oh UNIST Boosting square tensile strain to promote 4-variants in-plane ferroelectricity and switchable ternary polar states
P46 Yun-Tak Oh Korea University, Sejong Construction of rank-2 toric with toric code as building blocks: holonomies and sublattice one-form symmetries
P47 Oluwatobiloba Emmanuel Olajumoke Sungkyunkwan University Study on New Kondo Lattice Ce3Fe2Ge11
P48 Haru K. Park KAIST Subharmonic Fidelity Revival in a Driven PXP model
P49 Heung-Sik Park KAIST Roughness evolution of color front during electroformation of oxide thin films
P50 Jaemun Park DGIST Changes in Magnetic Behavior and Electrical Transport in Co-doped FeSn
P51 Jihyeon Park Ewha Womans University Properties of Majorana flat bands induced by additional second-nearest-neighbor hoppings in the square lattice Kitaev model
P52 Sungyu Park POSTECH Highly Efficient Current-driven Magnetic Domain Wall Motion in Fe3GeTe2 Nanoflakes
P53 Fardiman Ruli CBNU Phase Flip in Coherent Phonon Oscillations of [(SRO)13/(BFO)13]10 Superlattice
P54 Jae Yeon Seo Yonsei university Magnetic anisotropy probed by magnetic torque in a van der Waals antiferromagnetic CrPS4
P55 Jeongdae Seo KAIST Symmetry of the Ferroelastic Twin Walls in WO3 Films Probed by Angle-resolved Polarized Raman Spectroscopy
P56 Ji Eun Seok Yonsei university Terahertz Spectroscopy of High-Entropy Alloy Superconductors
P57 JaeHwan Shim Seoul National University Efficient discovery of multiple minimum action pathways using Gaussian process
P58 Eui-Cheol Shin KAIST Thermopower identification of van der Waals interaction in charge density wave states
P59 Hyun Jun Shin Yonsei University Direct correlation between spin states and magnetic torques in a room-temperature van der Waals antiferromagnet
P60 Sangjun Sim KAIST First-principles study on the orbital character of van Hove singularities in AV3Sb5 (A = K, Rb, Cs) kagome metals
P61 Bingqian SONG KAIST Visualization of oxygen-vacancy migration in ionic oxides by a bias-induced switching
P62 Jeongkeun Song Seoul National University Higher harmonics in planar Hall effect induced by cluster magnetic multipoles
P63 Sungmin Song POSTECH Spatial resolution enhancement of quasi-particle interference patterns using machine learning
P64 Jeonghun Suh KAIST Ionic conduction enhancement in Ca-doped bismuth ferrite thin films
P65 Resta A Susilo POSTECH Concomitant insulator-metal and spin-reorientation transitions in a compressed nodal-line ferrimagnet Mn3Si2Te6
P66 Thi Uyen Tran Sungkyunkwan university Adaptive Photocurrent Generation of ReS2-2D Te Heterojunction
P67 Hong Thi Anh Vuong Sungkyunkwan University Spectroscopic evidence for the Isotropic Superconducting Gap in LaRu3Si2
P68 Choonjae Won Max Planck POSTECH/Korea Research Initiative Finding and synthesis of the Emergent materials
P69 Kunihiro Yananose Seoul National University Activating magnetoelectric optical properties by twisting antiferromagnetic bilayers
P70 Heejun Yang Seoul National University Sizable suppression of magnon Hall effect by magnon damping in Cr2Ge2Te6
P71 Wooin Yang POSTECH Scanning tunneling microscopy study of hidden phases in atomically thin 1T-TaS2
P72 Youngki YEO KAIST Creation and annihilation of defect dipole via flexoelectricity
P73 Suejeong You Soongsil University Tuning electrical characteristics of MoS2 nanoflakes: geometric characteristic and vacancy distribution
P74 In Hak Lee KIST Controlling the magnetic properties of layered Cr2Te3 ultra-thin film via ex-situ annealing